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“It's easy to quit smoking. I've done it hundreds of times.”
“People always come up to me and say that my smoking is bothering them... Well, it's killing me!”
Wendy Liebman
“Smoking kills. If you're killed, you've lost a very important part of your life.”
Brooke Shields
For an informed decision see The Health New Zealand research.
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Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes work with water vapor and have only trace amounts of known carcinogens. Plus, they do not burn and produce smoke. Normal tobacco cigarettes have many known toxins in their ingredients, plus they produce smoke. This smoke introduces more toxic substances when inhaled. The Quit Smoking Hub lists some of hundreds of toxic ingredients in normal tobacco cigarettes and their effects on the human body. If you want to quit smoking, do so. However, short of that, we advise you to try an e-cigarette. In some cases, people use electronic cigarettes to quit, though the FDA has not approved it for such activity. For an informed decision see The Health New Zealand research.

Can be puffed in restaurants, the work place, and the like

In most cases, you can use an electronic cigarette in the same places you were able to smoke a normal tobacco cigarette in the past. They do not put off harmful second hand smoke. They put off a small amount of water vapor that dissipates very quickly, which brings us to our next point.

No second hand smoke

Since water vapor dissipates much faster than smoke, you won't be putting others at risk. Second hand smoke is the reason smoking has been prohibited in so many places. Water vapor is a lot safer for others.

Cost savings

Electronic cigarettes cost less than normal tobacco cigarettes. There have been estimates that one can save several dollars by buying a electronic cigarette cartridge instead of buying a pack of normal tobacco cigarettes. You can get a cartridge for about $2.50. Roughly speaking, this lasts as long as a pack of cigarettes. You know how much you pay for a pack of cigarettes, so do the math. If you're really good at math, figure your savings over a year's time.

Your dentist and others may like you more

The smell from smoke can be a turn off to many people. Whiter teeth, fresher breath, no smell in your clothes are some added benefits.

No ashtrays to deal with and no fire hazards

Electronic cigarettes don't burn. They work from a battery and a cartridge. The only thing they put off is a small disposable cartridge. You don't need ashtrays or lighters. You can't get burned from them. They don't burn holes in your tables, chairs, car seats, and the like. You can't accidentally leave them burning to burn your house down.

leaf and e-cigarette

These are just some of the benefits of electronic cigarettes. Find out about all the benefits yourself by trying them. We are sure you will like them.

Robert and Mary Brocato
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